Baby Time

November 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Babies are so cuddly. They have just entered the big world and everyone is talking about how adorable and precious they are. I love capturing those sweet moments that in a few weeks you could hardly get some of the poses. So enjoy these babies I photographed earlier this year. 

IMG_1870IMG_1870 IMG_1754IMG_1754 IMG_1793IMG_1793 IMG_1851IMG_1851 IMG_1902IMG_1902

This session Melanie enjoys taking pictures herself, so she did the baby pictures and I did the other pictures.

IMG_2535IMG_2535 IMG_2510IMG_2510 IMG_2548IMG_2548 IMG_2473IMG_2473 IMG_2514IMG_2514 IMG_2386IMG_2386 IMG_8285IMG_8285 IMG_8313IMG_8313 IMG_8291IMG_8291 IMG_8333IMG_8333 IMG_8411IMG_8411

Wow, I did twins several years ago, so I was excited for these...they were oh so much fun!!!

Twins1Twins1 IMG_8977IMG_8977 IMG_9103IMG_9103 IMG_9026IMG_9026 IMG_8957IMG_8957 IMG_9053IMG_9053 IMG_8931IMG_8931 IMG_0095IMG_0095 IMG_0124IMG_0124 IMG_0161IMG_0161 IMG_0120IMG_0120 IMG_0136IMG_0136 IMG_0111IMG_0111 IMG_0055IMG_0055


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