Falling in Love

November 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have met Krista and Sheldon in a small quaint town for their engagement session. Beauty was all around. Time has gone by and now you get to view a few lovely pictures of this lovely bride and groom. It was a cold, crisp morning but some of those moments create some of the crispest photos. Enjoy this happy couple...

IMG_0037IMG_0037 IMG_0243IMG_0243 IMG_0281IMG_0281 IMG_0166IMG_0166 IMG_0096IMG_0096

Aaahhh, now there wedding day...

IMG_0900IMG_0900 IMG_0912IMG_0912 IMG_0920IMG_0920 IMG_0928IMG_0928 IMG_0953IMG_0953 IMG_0956IMG_0956 IMG_0977IMG_0977 IMG_1015IMG_1015

They had a VW van to bring to the session. Oh what fun!!!!

IMG_1024IMG_1024 IMG_1027IMG_1027 IMG_1044IMG_1044 IMG_0092IMG_0092 IMG_0039IMG_0039 IMG_1154IMG_1154 IMG_0187IMG_0187 IMG_0402IMG_0402 IMG_0285IMG_0285 IMG_0303IMG_0303 IMG_0311IMG_0311 IMG_0378IMG_0378


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