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BOOK NOW!!!! Did you catch the urgency? I am looking at my schedule and realize I have only a few weeks left on my calendar that have a few empty spots. I am almost booked full for Thanksgiving and Christmas photos. That's right!! Call or text me TODAY!!

Take a look at a few sessions that were captured earlier this year...

Isn't this sooo cute? A small camp in the woods right before spring arrived...

IMG_5103IMG_5103 IMG_5206IMG_5206 IMG_5214IMG_5214 IMG_5247IMG_5247 IMG_5134IMG_5134 IMG_5266IMG_5266

Brandon & Jenna and their two little adorable girls.

IMG_0810IMG_0810 IMG_0724IMG_0724 IMG_0961IMG_0961 IMG_0670IMG_0670

Eugene and Lafaye and family...

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Thanks for their patience. They waited till the orchard was full of blossoms. And of course, this year it came late.

IMG_0413IMG_0413 IMG_0387IMG_0387 IMG_0257IMG_0257 IMG_0039IMG_0039 IMG_0060IMG_0060 IMG_0047IMG_0047



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