Andy & Rhonda

September 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Wow, perfect lighting before the rain set in. Andy & Rhonda chose a beautiful place to capture their wedding photos. Excitement was high and anyone could tell they were so pleased to make each other happy by being just themselves. I love these first two pictures. They remind me of a scene you would find in the New England States.

IMG_0388IMG_0388 IMG_0394IMG_0394 IMG_0352IMG_0352 IMG_0018IMG_0018 IMG_0063IMG_0063 IMG_0366IMG_0366 IMG_0369IMG_0369 IMG_0134IMG_0134 IMG_0274IMG_0274 IMG_0261IMG_0261 IMG_0319IMG_0319 IMG_0338IMG_0338 IMG_0307IMG_0307 IMG_0495IMG_0495 IMG_0440IMG_0440 IMG_0526IMG_0526 IMG_0191IMG_0191 IMG_0500 (2)IMG_0500 (2) IMG_0476 (2)IMG_0476 (2) IMG_0396 (2)IMG_0396 (2) IMG_0372 (2)IMG_0372 (2)

Have a wonderful and beautiful weekend


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