BLossoming Love

September 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was so excited to photograph Richard & Sheila's wedding. This couple just left the excitement about the day show greatly. It is so wonderful to see Christian couples in this sinful world. Love, Laughter, Friends, and Family surrounded this couple on their wedding day.  The details were so beautifully done. 

IMG_3979IMG_3979 IMG_3942IMG_3942 IMG_3998IMG_3998 IMG_3895IMG_3895 IMG_3773IMG_3773 IMG_3791IMG_3791 IMG_0047IMG_0047 IMG_0033IMG_0033 IMG_0142IMG_0142 IMG_0122IMG_0122 IMG_3803IMG_3803 IMG_3812IMG_3812 IMG_3838IMG_3838 IMG_3859IMG_3859 IMG_3903IMG_3903 IMG_4478IMG_4478

I love these photos in the bean field....

IMG_4445IMG_4445 IMG_4453IMG_4453 IMG_3885IMG_3885 IMG_0143IMG_0143 IMG_0163IMG_0163 IMG_4056IMG_4056 IMG_4065IMG_4065 IMG_4035IMG_4035 IMG_0193IMG_0193 IMG_4279IMG_4279 IMG_4304IMG_4304 IMG_4326IMG_4326 IMG_4336IMG_4336

These details at the reception were done with perfection(too many good photos to post all)

IMG_4561IMG_4561 IMG_4564IMG_4564 IMG_4566IMG_4566 IMG_4580IMG_4580 IMG_4633IMG_4633 IMG_4675IMG_4675

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your special day. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.


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