Meet the New Mr. & Mrs.

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Nate & Kayla were married on Saturday. The weather was perfect for a end of summer day. It started out cloudy, but as the day went on it became more sunny. They were both relaxed which made capturing the moments of their wedding day so easy. Anyone that attended the wedding could see the bride loved details. (sorry I don't have more to show right now)

IMG_0089IMG_0089 IMG_2457IMG_2457 IMG_2472IMG_2472 IMG_2598IMG_2598 IMG_2422IMG_2422 IMG_0028IMG_0028 IMG_2518IMG_2518 IMG_2560IMG_2560 IMG_2620IMG_2620 IMG_2791IMG_2791 IMG_3158IMG_3158 IMG_2692IMG_2692 IMG_2663IMG_2663 IMG_0151IMG_0151 IMG_2700IMG_2700 IMG_2815IMG_2815 IMG_2825IMG_2825 IMG_3145IMG_3145 IMG_3055IMG_3055 IMG_3032IMG_3032

these were her favors by each plate



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