Cherished Love

January 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Another beautiful couple. They care and love each other so much it just shows up on ALL the photos. The grooms family hosted the wedding at their home. It was such a perfect day. The weather was perfect. I was so grateful to capture this couples special day!!!!

They did the first look... I love capturing these moments.They seem so perfect for each other...

IMG_0048IMG_0048 IMG_0053IMG_0053 IMG_0080IMG_0080 IMG_0087IMG_0087 IMG_0100IMG_0100 IMG_0167IMG_0167 IMG_7975IMG_7975 IMG_8126IMG_8126 IMG_8195IMG_8195 IMG_8150IMG_8150 IMG_8389IMG_8389 IMG_8500IMG_8500 IMG_8501IMG_8501 IMG_8284IMG_8284 IMG_8539IMG_8539 IMG_8589IMG_8589 IMG_0209IMG_0209 IMG_0317IMG_0317 IMG_8006IMG_8006 IMG_0277IMG_0277 IMG_0326IMG_0326 IMG_0356IMG_0356

family moments that will be treasured forever...

IMG_8771IMG_8771 IMG_8801IMG_8801 IMG_8817IMG_8817 IMG_8711IMG_8711 IMG_8950IMG_8950


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