Beauty of Love from 2015

February 23, 2016  •  1 Comment

I continue to share sweet moments of a few weddings that were photographed last year. I will only post a few of each to help save me a little bit of TIME. (that word seems so fleeting)

Mr. & Mrs. Huber...

IMG_0054IMG_0054 IMG_0040IMG_0040 IMG_0624IMG_0624 IMG_0469IMG_0469 IMG_0252IMG_0252 IMG_0247IMG_0247


IMG_0886IMG_0886 IMG_0014IMG_0014 IMG_0898IMG_0898 IMG_0988IMG_0988 IMG_0942IMG_0942 IMG_1068IMG_1068 IMG_0102IMG_0102 IMG_1074IMG_1074 IMG_1201IMG_1201

so delicious food. Its always fun to see all the food decorated up!!!

IMG_1352IMG_1352 IMG_1377IMG_1377

Ryan & Lynette....

IMG_0038IMG_0038 IMG_0045IMG_0045 IMG_0063IMG_0063 IMG_0085IMG_0085 IMG_0428IMG_0428 IMG_2144IMG_2144 IMG_0402IMG_0402 IMG_0193IMG_0193 IMG_0201IMG_0201

IMG_2349IMG_2349 IMG_2353IMG_2353 IMG_2356IMG_2356

Bryan & Michelle... IMG_2875IMG_2875 IMG_2880IMG_2880 IMG_2784IMG_2784 IMG_7991IMG_7991 IMG_2887IMG_2887 IMG_2853IMG_2853 IMG_8073IMG_8073 IMG_8115IMG_8115

after the wedding.... IMG_8238IMG_8238 IMG_8271IMG_8271 IMG_8274IMG_8274


Donald Cochrane(non-registered)
These photos are beautiful! Do you use a digitizing service? I just had my entire stockpile of photos <a href=””>digitized</a> by ScanDigital. Great service and they do all of their scanning in house in the United States.
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