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March 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Danelle's Photography. What does life look like in shell? Will this affect you?  Here it goes... I will try my best to give you heads up on where God is leading me in my life, and how it will affect my photography. I have taught school for 7 terms. Then 2 terms ago I felt God calling me to lay that aside. It was very hard to do so, because I loved children and loved teaching. God has taught me so much in the last two years. One thing I will share is God has shown me that you can not please everybody. I have to have limitations. I can use my talents in a godly way or I can abuse them. I can be so driven with life, that I can miss the joys of living. So with this all said... A door has opened and I committed to teaching first grade at Springville Mennonite School for 2016-2017 term. I am very excited and am anxious for the moment when I can be back in the classroom. I want to give my all to those dear children I will be teaching. So that means less of Danelle's Photography. Yes, that is right!!!! Not so many sessions!!! And that even starts right now, as well!!! I am needed to help in the office for my Dad's business this spring, help around the house(because of my mom's health limitations), and beginning of the summer I am taking a trip to Africa to CAM in Liberia. So I have March, April, and May booked already. I have just given a brief heads up and now would like to share a few family pictures for you to enjoy...

IMG_3692IMG_3692 IMG_3870IMG_3870 IMG_3664IMG_3664 IMG_3827IMG_3827 IMG_4055IMG_4055 IMG_4063IMG_4063 IMG_4074IMG_4074 IMG_4142IMG_4142 IMG_4152IMG_4152 IMG_2692IMG_2692 IMG_2804IMG_2804 IMG_2908IMG_2908 IMG_2774IMG_2774 IMG_2664IMG_2664 IMG_2629IMG_2629 IMG_3343IMG_3343 IMG_3505IMG_3505 IMG_3144IMG_3144

May God Bless you!!!


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