Beautiful Love

May 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Oh the beauty of love... This couple was a lot of fun to photograph. She was out-going and full of smiles while He was calm and easy-going. The day's forecast was rain, but till that morning it changed and the sun was out and gorgeous. His parents brought their old car for some of the pictures. (Photographer Loved that) Enjoy, the beauty...

IMG_8676 (2)IMG_8676 (2) IMG_8790 (2)IMG_8790 (2) IMG_8836 (2)IMG_8836 (2) IMG_8730 (2)IMG_8730 (2) IMG_8764 (2)IMG_8764 (2) IMG_9015IMG_9015 IMG_8980IMG_8980 IMG_8982IMG_8982 IMG_8945IMG_8945 IMG_9321IMG_9321 IMG_9374IMG_9374 IMG_9359IMG_9359

May God bless you as you start your new life together. 


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