Beautiful Love...

August 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I would like you to meet Austin & Amber. They chose to do the 'first look' and every moment was so sweet. The love between then was strong. I could post so many more but here are several for you to enjoy. 

IMG_7949IMG_7949 IMG_7957IMG_7957 IMG_7966IMG_7966 IMG_0027IMG_0027 IMG_7996IMG_7996 IMG_8005IMG_8005 IMG_8031IMG_8031 IMG_8038IMG_8038 IMG_8051IMG_8051 IMG_8079IMG_8079 IMG_8042IMG_8042 IMG_8117IMG_8117 IMG_8176IMG_8176 IMG_8203IMG_8203 IMG_0127IMG_0127 IMG_0061IMG_0061 IMG_0402IMG_0402 IMG_8277IMG_8277 IMG_8239IMG_8239 IMG_8230IMG_8230 IMG_8259IMG_8259 IMG_8663IMG_8663 IMG_8746IMG_8746 IMG_8705IMG_8705 IMG_8713IMG_8713 IMG_0304IMG_0304 IMG_0315IMG_0315 IMG_0323IMG_0323 IMG_8446IMG_8446 IMG_0216IMG_0216 IMG_8487IMG_8487 IMG_8602IMG_8602 IMG_8535IMG_8535 IMG_8979IMG_8979 IMG_9261IMG_9261 IMG_9049IMG_9049 IMG_9070IMG_9070 Thank you for inviting me to be part of your day. I was blessed. 


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