Wedding Bliss

August 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Tis the season for weddings :) I am back to show you a lovely wedding I took back in July. Sad to say, but slipped my mind to post it. They had chosen to take their photos at Lititz Spring Park. We then took a little walk over to the building beside and got some awesome pictures. They were lots of fun and easy going. Their bridal party joined them in making this a fun time, as well.

IMG_5923IMG_5923 IMG_6318IMG_6318 IMG_6343IMG_6343 IMG_5907IMG_5907 IMG_0057IMG_0057 IMG_5951IMG_5951 IMG_0068IMG_0068 IMG_6017IMG_6017 IMG_6020IMG_6020 IMG_6186IMG_6186 IMG_6255IMG_6255 IMG_0182IMG_0182 IMG_6269IMG_6269

Love the fun....

IMG_6286IMG_6286 IMG_6260IMG_6260

Josh & Shari, May your lives be blessed.


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