Duane & Jess - Lovely Wedding

September 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have known Duane & Jess for sometime and was very excited to be part of their day. The day dawned rather slowly because of the cloudy skies. We had to wait a while till it was bright enough for pictures. But we had a lovely time from the first look till the close of the day. Jess put a lot of details into her wedding making it very attractive. Take a moment and enjoy the sweetness.

IMG_4198IMG_4198 IMG_4203IMG_4203 IMG_4215IMG_4215 IMG_4319IMG_4319 IMG_4238IMG_4238 IMG_4317IMG_4317 IMG_4250IMG_4250 IMG_0355IMG_0355 IMG_4255IMG_4255 IMG_4294IMG_4294 IMG_4362IMG_4362 IMG_4398IMG_4398 IMG_4264IMG_4264 IMG_0053IMG_0053 IMG_4443IMG_4443 IMG_4528IMG_4528

Fun bridal party....

IMG_4513IMG_4513 IMG_4507IMG_4507 IMG_4601IMG_4601 IMG_4682IMG_4682 IMG_4569IMG_4569 IMG_4637IMG_4637 IMG_0186IMG_0186 IMG_0231IMG_0231

Two small families equals one photo together!!!

IMG_4727IMG_4727 IMG_4839IMG_4839 IMG_5026IMG_5026 IMG_4889IMG_4889 IMG_4915IMG_4915 IMG_4977IMG_4977 IMG_4984IMG_4984 IMG_5057IMG_5057 IMG_5052IMG_5052 IMG_5099IMG_5099 IMG_5153IMG_5153

Duane and Jess, May your lives be blessed with many happy moments together.


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