Derek & Hannah

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Meet Derek & Hannah...

When Hannah started contacting me about photographing their engagement photos and wedding day, I was thrilled. As we continued to email I could tell this couple was going to be lots of fun. We did their engagement in Lancaster. We just had a great time with them being relaxed. Their wedding day arrived very beautifully (and it put all fears of the first look being to dark; in the back of my mind.) Hannah was full of smiles and Derek in his calm ways showed affection to his bride. How sweet!!!

IMG_6537IMG_6537 IMG_6541IMG_6541 IMG_6547IMG_6547 IMG_6550IMG_6550 IMG_6569IMG_6569 IMG_6686IMG_6686 IMG_6734IMG_6734 IMG_6601IMG_6601 IMG_6604IMG_6604 IMG_6635IMG_6635 IMG_6644IMG_6644 IMG_6671IMG_6671 IMG_6681IMG_6681 IMG_0088IMG_0088 IMG_0074IMG_0074 IMG_0050IMG_0050 IMG_0065IMG_0065 IMG_6805IMG_6805 IMG_6776IMG_6776 IMG_6700IMG_6700 IMG_6870IMG_6870 IMG_6927IMG_6927 IMG_6951IMG_6951 IMG_6884IMG_6884 IMG_6902IMG_6902 IMG_7034IMG_7034 IMG_7005IMG_7005 IMG_6977IMG_6977 IMG_7615IMG_7615 IMG_0246IMG_0246 IMG_0181IMG_0181 IMG_6957IMG_6957

The bridal party was a lot of fun...

IMG_7093IMG_7093 IMG_7112IMG_7112 IMG_7104IMG_7104 IMG_7165IMG_7165 IMG_0299IMG_0299 IMG_7187IMG_7187 IMG_7205IMG_7205


Yes, these are twin sisters... so different in personalities but so great!



Back to the church for a very inspiring wedding sermon...

IMG_0487IMG_0487 IMG_0467IMG_0467 IMG_7771IMG_7771 IMG_7789IMG_7789 IMG_7795IMG_7795 IMG_7805IMG_7805 IMG_7990IMG_7990 IMG_8013IMG_8013 IMG_8004IMG_8004 IMG_8039IMG_8039 IMG_8098IMG_8098 IMG_0585IMG_0585 IMG_0571IMG_0571 IMG_0540IMG_0540 IMG_0566IMG_0566 IMG_0576IMG_0576 IMG_8136IMG_8136

May God bless your marriage!



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