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To be honest, if you kept checking in on my blog throughout this winter I know you were extremely disappointed. I have failed greatly in keeping after. I don't blog a lot over late summer and fall because most families want to pass out the pictures at Christmas. So here I am in the next few weeks, you will see a few long blog posts. I will not be able to post all sessions, but will do several randomly throughout this past summer and fall.

So take a moment to enjoy!!!!

Trent and his siblings...

IMG_9573IMG_9573 IMG_9413IMG_9413


Sarah and Johannes, my friend Vera's darling children...

IMG_0149IMG_0149 IMG_0164IMG_0164 IMG_0123IMG_0123 IMG_0186IMG_0186


IMG_0246IMG_0246 IMG_3899IMG_3899 IMG_3860IMG_3860 IMG_3842IMG_3842 IMG_3948IMG_3948 IMG_3814IMG_3814 IMG_4131IMG_4131 IMG_4155IMG_4155 IMG_4140IMG_4140 IMG_4161IMG_4161 IMG_5405IMG_5405 IMG_5420IMG_5420

May your day be blessed!!!!


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