Gary & Karla

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Meet Gary & Karla! I was so excited to be part of their wedding day. I had Karla as a student in fifth grade. Throughout the years, when we would meet up with each other we would chat awhile. So it was so wonderful, when I received a call from her to see if I would be available to take their wedding pictures. They were so excited and full of smiles. Gary just couldn't get done beaming at his bride. Karla, in her graceful manor soaked up the love that was portrayed throughout the whole day. They chose a very beautiful location in Hershey for the portraits. Then the wedding ceremony and reception was held at Karla's parents farm. It was so very authentic, seeing them walk down the aisle of the barn that was built in the 1800s. Every detail was planned to the tee, even the weather was so beautiful.

The first few photos are of their first look...

IMG_1769IMG_1769 IMG_1774IMG_1774 IMG_1783IMG_1783 IMG_1781IMG_1781 IMG_1803IMG_1803 IMG_1857IMG_1857 IMG_1812IMG_1812 IMG_1815IMG_1815 IMG_1882IMG_1882 IMG_1889IMG_1889 IMG_0077IMG_0077 IMG_1764IMG_1764 IMG_1949IMG_1949 IMG_1937IMG_1937 IMG_1897IMG_1897 IMG_2006IMG_2006 IMG_2131IMG_2131 IMG_2077IMG_2077 IMG_2085IMG_2085 IMG_2137IMG_2137 IMG_2328IMG_2328 IMG_0335IMG_0335 IMG_2367IMG_2367 IMG_2353IMG_2353 IMG_2423IMG_2423 IMG_2529IMG_2529 IMG_2571IMG_2571 IMG_2582IMG_2582 IMG_2605IMG_2605 IMG_2649IMG_2649

This was the vehicle they got escorted in on their wedding day...

IMG_2383IMG_2383 IMG_2652IMG_2652 IMG_1798IMG_1798

Blessings to you as you start out on a new journey!!!



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