Jeff & Sherilyn

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I am finally back with some beautiful wedding pictures. This couple got married two weeks ago, but with my computer out of commission for approximately two weeks I couldn't share these precious moments with you. Jeff and Sherilyn had the most lovely, cool September day. This couple along with their bridal party got into having lots of fun during the session. Jeff & Sherilyn were very relaxed and didnt seem nervous about their day.

IMG_0147IMG_0147 IMG_2854IMG_2854 IMG_2858IMG_2858 IMG_2872IMG_2872 IMG_2938IMG_2938 IMG_2953IMG_2953 IMG_2991IMG_2991 IMG_3064IMG_3064 IMG_0011IMG_0011 IMG_0025IMG_0025 IMG_3209IMG_3209 IMG_3024IMG_3024 IMG_3043IMG_3043 IMG_3101IMG_3101 IMG_3114IMG_3114 IMG_3137IMG_3137 IMG_3147IMG_3147 IMG_3153IMG_3153 IMG_3166IMG_3166 IMG_0169IMG_0169 IMG_0208IMG_0208 IMG_3233IMG_3233 IMG_0256IMG_0256 IMG_3296IMG_3296 IMG_3316IMG_3316 IMG_3444IMG_3444 IMG_0490IMG_0490 IMG_0387IMG_0387 IMG_0395IMG_0395 IMG_0430IMG_0430 IMG_0451IMG_0451 IMG_0422IMG_0422 IMG_0496IMG_0496 IMG_0491IMG_0491 IMG_0530IMG_0530 IMG_0527IMG_0527

May God's blessing go with you throughout your life.


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