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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! The weather is so cold... It makes you want to curl up in a blanket by the fire place and sip hot chocolate. So go ahead and do just that as you enjoy some family pictures from this fall. I tend to wait to post till after my clients have them all handed out.

The Martin family...

IMG_9074IMG_9074 IMG_9037IMG_9037 IMG_9110IMG_9110

I had Hannah & Heidi as my students when they were in second grade... where has time gone.

IMG_9125IMG_9125 IMG_9133IMG_9133 IMG_9199IMG_9199

Another Martin Family :)

IMG_4793IMG_4793 IMG_4819IMG_4819 IMG_4930IMG_4930 IMG_5007IMG_5007 IMG_5458IMG_5458 IMG_5112aIMG_5112a IMG_5176IMG_5176 IMG_5346IMG_5346 IMG_5373IMG_5373

Children are so much fun to capture...

IMG_5444IMG_5444 IMG_5431IMG_5431 IMG_5460IMG_5460 IMG_5419IMG_5419 IMG_5344IMG_5344

Zimmerman family

IMG_1664IMG_1664 Erma 3Erma 3 IMG_1410IMG_1410 IMG_1457IMG_1457 IMG_1449IMG_1449 IMG_1497IMG_1497


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