Family Time

February 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Family time... Cherished moments. I seem to always have another session that I didn't blog about... so ENJOY!

My my nieces and nephews

IMG_8815IMG_8815 IMG_8786IMG_8786 IMG_8842IMG_8842 IMG_8911IMG_8911 IMG_9025IMG_9025 IMG_9028IMG_9028

Burkholder family

IMG_4215IMG_4215 IMG_4180IMG_4180 IMG_4172IMG_4172 IMG_4225-2IMG_4225-2 IMG_4248IMG_4248

Rodney and Dawn wanted to be photographed by their new home...

IMG_5603IMG_5603 IMG_5704IMG_5704 IMG_5578IMG_5578 IMG_5675IMG_5675 IMG_5821IMG_5821 IMG_5830IMG_5830



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