Jordan & Michelle

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Jordan & Michelle chose to do some of their pictures in Hershey. Their day dawned beautiful but COLD! But we still had a enjoyable time capturing moments of their wedding day.

IMG_7256IMG_7256 IMG_7381IMG_7381 IMG_7394IMG_7394 IMG_7444IMG_7444 IMG_7519IMG_7519 IMG_7433IMG_7433 IMG_7526IMG_7526 IMG_7560IMG_7560 IMG_7532IMG_7532 IMG_7551IMG_7551 IMG_7710IMG_7710 IMG_7698IMG_7698 IMG_7727IMG_7727 IMG_7735IMG_7735 IMG_6846 (2)IMG_6846 (2) IMG_7289IMG_7289 IMG_7331IMG_7331 IMG_6901 (2)IMG_6901 (2) IMG_7088 (2)IMG_7088 (2)

Even a picture with Grandpa's old car

IMG_7097IMG_7097 IMG_7110IMG_7110 IMG_7085IMG_7085 IMG_7226IMG_7226 IMG_7791IMG_7791 IMG_7657IMG_7657 IMG_7644IMG_7644 IMG_7599IMG_7599 IMG_7635IMG_7635 IMG_6741 (2)IMG_6741 (2) IMG_7178IMG_7178

The families did great in spite of the wind and cold...

IMG_6842IMG_6842 IMG_6941IMG_6941


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