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Andrew & Amanda-wedding

June 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Here is a lovely couple glowing with love and happiness on their wedding day. Amanda, looked so lovely in her wedding dress. She just couldn't stop smiling and giggling. It was just so Wonderful to see Andrew calmly beaming at his bride. The day arrived with two small showers in the morning, but that didn't hinder us from getting awesome pictures. My two sisters use to help me photograph weddings before Amanda joined my team. Now, today they came back to help. They said they were rather nervous since they hadn't done this for the last 4 years. Well, when I looked at the pictures, I was amazed. They did a fantastic job. This blog will be extra long...so grab a cup of lemonade and ENJOY!!!

They chose to do the first look...ahhh, so sweet. Then she had a card to present to Andrew. It was so cute watching their expressions as he read it.

IMG_6070IMG_6070 IMG_6073IMG_6073 IMG_6075IMG_6075 IMG_6079IMG_6079 IMG_6088IMG_6088 IMG_6087IMG_6087 IMG_6081IMG_6081 IMG_6090IMG_6090 IMG_6094IMG_6094 IMG_6096IMG_6096 IMG_6102IMG_6102 IMG_6108IMG_6108 IMG_6110IMG_6110 IMG_6106IMG_6106 IMG_6098IMG_6098

IMG_6199IMG_6199 IMG_6180IMG_6180 IMG_6221IMG_6221 IMG_6206IMG_6206 IMG_6231IMG_6231 IMG_6262IMG_6262 IMG_6228IMG_6228 IMG_6268IMG_6268 IMG_6239IMG_6239 IMG_6056IMG_6056 IMG_6126IMG_6126 IMG_6154IMG_6154 IMG_6146IMG_6146 IMG_6177IMG_6177 IMG_6156IMG_6156 IMG_6179IMG_6179 IMG_0054IMG_0054 IMG_0058IMG_0058 IMG_0050IMG_0050 IMG_0060IMG_0060 IMG_0076IMG_0076 IMG_0096IMG_0096 IMG_0089IMG_0089 IMG_0110IMG_0110 IMG_0091IMG_0091 IMG_0115IMG_0115 IMG_0138IMG_0138 IMG_0235IMG_0235 IMG_0172IMG_0172 IMG_0169IMG_0169 IMG_6312IMG_6312 IMG_6303IMG_6303 IMG_6301IMG_6301 IMG_6317IMG_6317 IMG_6361IMG_6361 IMG_6384IMG_6384 IMG_6393IMG_6393 IMG_6390IMG_6390 IMG_6404IMG_6404 IMG_6397IMG_6397 IMG_6418IMG_6418 IMG_6440IMG_6440 IMG_6444IMG_6444 IMG_6427IMG_6427 IMG_6275IMG_6275 IMG_6284IMG_6284 IMG_6296IMG_6296 IMG_0240IMG_0240 IMG_0247IMG_0247 IMG_0250IMG_0250 IMG_0245IMG_0245

Bridal Party= relaxed and fun... IMG_6529IMG_6529 IMG_6557IMG_6557 IMG_6579IMG_6579 IMG_6568IMG_6568 IMG_6597IMG_6597 IMG_6592IMG_6592 IMG_6605IMG_6605 IMG_6799IMG_6799 IMG_0280IMG_0280 IMG_0284IMG_0284 IMG_0314IMG_0314 IMG_0295IMG_0295 IMG_0359IMG_0359 IMG_0341IMG_0341 IMG_0371IMG_0371 IMG_0379IMG_0379 IMG_0455IMG_0455 IMG_0508IMG_0508 IMG_0465IMG_0465 IMG_0592IMG_0592 IMG_6614IMG_6614 IMG_6616IMG_6616 IMG_6747IMG_6747 IMG_6637IMG_6637 IMG_6752IMG_6752 IMG_6787IMG_6787 IMG_6775IMG_6775 IMG_6834IMG_6834 IMG_6847IMG_6847


IMG_6476IMG_6476 IMG_6660IMG_6660

Lovely details...

IMG_0199IMG_0199 IMG_0813IMG_0813 IMG_0808IMG_0808 IMG_0821IMG_0821 IMG_0871IMG_0871 IMG_0975IMG_0975 IMG_1039IMG_1039 IMG_5649IMG_5649 IMG_5715IMG_5715 IMG_5710IMG_5710 IMG_5703IMG_5703 IMG_5692IMG_5692 IMG_5816IMG_5816 IMG_5829IMG_5829 IMG_5957IMG_5957 IMG_5796IMG_5796 IMG_5671IMG_5671 IMG_5882IMG_5882 IMG_5839IMG_5839 IMG_6024IMG_6024 IMG_6027IMG_6027 IMG_6026IMG_6026 IMG_0178IMG_0178

Blessings Andrew and Amanda! Thanks for letting me photograph your wedding day.



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